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We remain the source you can trust for Quality Feeds and Concentrates

Our Olayiwola Feed Mill comprises of 6 silos of 3.000 tons storage capacity each.

The Feed Mill was finalized in 2021 and has a production capacity of 58.000 tons of feed per year. We produce 5 different types of feed, to better suit the production needs, with variable composition and granulation for each feed recipe. We can produce up to 20 different types of recipes, if needed, given the advanced technology used.


Within the Feed Mill, we are using modern, highly efficient machinery, based on technology. We also use advanced software that allows a high degree of automatization as well as detailed control over the quantities of cereals introduced in the recipes.

The Feed Mill also has its advanced equipment used for the analysis of acquired cereals. High standards are set for the quality of bought cereals. We test each cereal delivery to make sure that all raw materials meet the high standards we promote.

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