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Advocating for Sustainable Land Management

At Olayiwola Farms, we prioritize responsible and sustainable growing practices as a local business and employer. By reducing inputs and optimizing yield, we promote the health of our communities and environment.

Investing in Soil Health


Enhancing Soil Health for Sustainable Agriculture: At Olayiwola Farms, we prioritize farming methods that foster healthy soil, ensuring robust plant growth, abundant food supply, and environmental well-being. Our practices promote efficiency, eco-friendliness, and higher crop yields.

More organic fertilizer: Using natural fertilizer adds organic matter to the soil and helps improve water retention and, as a result, our crops flourish.

Feeding the World Responsibly


Providing food of the highest quality is at the heart of what we do. That’s why we make sure everything we produce meets or exceeds the highest standards for quality and safety. Being committed to the health and wellbeing of our consumers also means offering products that meet diverse health needs and preferences.

That’s why we adopt the following priorities that address the environmental, social, and economic needs of our employees, customers, partners and communities. These priorities address issues that encompass and affect the people we employ and serve, our planet as a whole, and the prosperity that comes from our work.

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